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Lifestyle | July 3, 2017


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3 months have passed since I published the post in which I told you (here) what I do to feel healthy. Currently I feel great despite the fact that we had so much on our plates these past weeks. We moved into a cute cottage in North Wales which wasn’t our initial plan to be honest. We actually wanted to move into a furnished apartment in Chester but there wasn’t anything we particularly liked and we were running out of time. So one day while browsing the web, I stumbled upon this cottage on the English/Welsh boarder and it seemed like the perfect solution.


Only 2 days after moving and tons of unpacked boxes, we drove to Germany by car. It was my father’s big birthday and nothing in the world would have stopped us from going. We wanted to be with our family and celebrate together. And you know what? All of it was manageable. A bit of staying calm and taking care of one’s health does the trick.


3 months ago I started to cod liver capsules from Seven Seas


I never took fish oil capsules before but Seven Seas kindly sent me their Simply Timeless Cod Liver Oil and I started taking them right away. The capsules contain very important Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) and Vitamin D. It’s been 3 months now and all I can say is that I feel great! Funnily enough, I had no idea that my parents take fish oil capsules themselves until my father told me during our visit. omega-3 fatty acids


As we get older nutritional supplements are beneficial for our health


Nutritional supplements are extremely important for us as we get older. The Seven Seas #TRUEAGE campaign believes in living the age that you feel and not necessarily the age that you are. I support this from the bottom of my heart, particularly with the beneficial effects of Cod Liver Oil. Strong bones and muscles (due to the Vitamin D), healthy eyes and a well functioning circulation and metabolism is something we all want.omega-3 fatty acids


I’m in my forties and Joerg in his very early fifties but numbers aren’t really that important to us. We think it’s absolutely crucial that you love what you do and that you work on your dreams. Always and no matter your age. Be open to change if you aren’t happy with something or an opportunity arises. The key to us is staying curious. Curiosity and and a lifelong dream has led us to leave Germany at an older age and start all over again in Britain. We always see how people in their twenties got stuck and are no longer willing to take any risks. We never wanted to be like that. The current cottage is only rented, it’s not perfect (but in the meantime we have some gorgeous blooms around here) and we’re still looking for our own place. We’re working on another dream if you will. Still, at the current cottage we sometimes feel like a couple in a trashy novel and live a bit of a cliché. It’s amazing.


Again, this is why I love the Seven Seas #TRUEAGE campaign so much. Do what you love regardless of your age but try to take good care of your health at the same time. Personally I don’t want things to be complicated and really like the fact that the Simply Timeless Cod Liver Oil One-A-Day pack will last 3 months. You only need to take one capsule a day. Simple. It is good for your heart, your vision and your brain. I think nobody minds simple and if it helps us staying healthy for as long as possible? Even better.


Joerg and I already made plans for Christmas: We want to decorate the fireplace with Christmas stockings, omg I’ve been wanting to do that for ages (though I dream of a white mantle and I’ll keep looking for it). It surely never ever gets boring around here.

woman wearing floral dresswoman in front of english cottagewoman wearing floral dresswoman wearing floral dress


This post is in collaboration with Seven Seas but all opinions are my own.


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My goodness, I would never have guessed that you are in your 40s! I would have said early 30s, if someone asked me to guess. Well, your healthy lifestyle certainly seems to be paying off. 🙂

I’ve sometimes wondered whether some of the styles you wear so well are perhaps a little young for me, but knowing now that we are closer in age than I previously thought, perhaps they can look just as good on me too!


Awww Fran, This is such a huge compliment, thanks so much. Yes, I’m 46 but never believed in dressing age appropriately. I think it’s all about what kind of person and type you are and dress what suits you best, no matter the age. There’s no right or wrong if you ask me. Go for it.x


Wow, I echo Fran’s amazement, never would have guessed you are the same age as me! I thought you were at least ten years younger. Love the combination of colours you are wearing in this post, and the encouragement to go for whatever it is you want in life. I need to get my own projects off the ground. Off to buy some fish oil tomorrow to help rejuvenate my brain 😉


You are all so lovely, thanks so much Rozanna. I think it’s so important to encourage others to follow their dreams (if they have the chance) and not what others expect them to do.xx

Ruth Mortimer

I strongly agree with you Kirsten. I also take Omega 3 capsules and have been doing so for a while. My dear son ensures I have the right supplements to support my health. My ex-husband takes cod liver oil straight from the bottle and has it on his porridge! Yuk! However, it is so important for our health. I also have fish a couple of times a week – oily fish is good. Great you are both following your dreams. It doesn’t matter what age you are. Ruth xx


I’m so glad to hear you agree Ruth. Oh my, cod liver oil straight from the bottle on porridge? That sounds so terrible, haha. I have to be extra careful eating fish, I suffer from Hashimoto’s disease and eat fish on very rare occasions only. Have a lovely day.xx


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