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Fashion, Lifestyle | August 21, 2017


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My mind has already shifted a little bit towards autumn probably because I love this time of year so much. Late summer and autumn are my favourite time of year although it rarely gets extremely hot in the UK anyway. Still, there are enough days where you can sit in the garden and a cup of tea always tastes a lot better outside even on chillier days. We’re going to Cornwall in September where we rented an amazing cottage. I’m counting down the days because Cornwall is just wonderful in September. two piece plaid set


Today I’m sharing my last post from our time in the Scottish Lowlands. We were there some weeks ago and it wasn’t really that warm but mostly chilly in the morning. We don’t mind this weather too much though so it can’t be bad.


On the contrary: I’m able to wear bits of my autumn clothes. Once again, plaid is supposed to be huge this upcoming autumn/winter but as you know there’s always plaid season for me no matter what a fashion magazine will say. Should you doubt plaid though, there are currently so many gorgeous pieces available which make it very easy to fall in love with this pattern.


I wore this two piece plaid set when we visited Abbotsford House and it was the perfect choice that day. Sweater and skirt are light but still warm enough at 16 degrees. two piece plaid set


Abbotsford House was our highlight during our time in Scotland. It’s the home of the famous poet and writer Sir Walter Scott who died there in 1832. During my time at uni, one of my professors said we should come here one day and he was so right! The mansion and the walled garden are magical and in fact the house is one of the few where one could easily see oneself living. It’s big of course but the rooms are so well proportioned that you just feel at home. I think you can’t help but be creative here. For the tour inside, you can choose between 2 audio options: One is a matter of fact tour spoken by a female narrator and then there’s the ‘Sir Walter Scott Tour’. The best one I’ve ever come across so far which is why I can’t recommend it enough. It’s spoken by an actor who speaks in the tone and voice of Sir Walter Scott and leads you through the house through his eyes. It’s wonderful and very entertaining. We spent many hours in Abbotsford, kept going back to the walled garden and returned to our apartment in Thirlestane Castle feeling happy and content. two piece plaid set


And in case you missed my vlog, you can watch it here.


My outfit:

Miss Patina Jumper (love a nice plaid blouse like this and this one as well), Miss Patina Pencil Skirt (love this or this one too), Acne Jensen Boots, Sophie Hulme Bag
two piece plaid settwo piece plaid settwo piece plaid settwo piece plaid setsir walter scott's abbotsfordred rosessir walter scott's abbotsford


Miss Patina Jumper (love a nice plaid blouse like this and this one as well), Miss Patina Pencil Skirt (love this or this one too), Acne Jensen Boots, Sophie Hulme Bag



The perfect outfit for a stunning location! Reading your Scottish posts has really made me keen to go and explore the places you suggest. This house in particular looks enchanting. And I really love the plaid skirt & top combo x


I’m so happy to hear that Rozanne. Abbotsford was amazing, I can’t stress it enough. Thanks so much.x

Ruth Mortimer

Hi Kirsten, as always, great photos. How wonderful for you to have that experience going through that beautiful home having studied Sir Walter Scott – it would be quite moving for you. You are blessed indeed! Loved your plaid suit – it looks very smart. xx


Glad you like them, thanks so much Ruth. Yes, I studied English literature (though I wouldn’t call myslef an expert on Scott – just studied some basics in the first couple of semesters). Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde were my speciality.x


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