Culloden Tower, Richmond

Lifestyle | December 5, 2017


culloden tower in richmondculloden tower in richmondview from culloden tower in richmondliving room in culloden towerliving room in culloden towerliving room in culloden tower

Last year we decided to travel at least once a month to discover and explore as much a possible here in Britain. So far we managed quite well. We might not always have the time to be on the road every 4 weeks but we’re usually able to travel at least every 6-8 weeks. It goes without saying that whenever it happens, we get so excited.


We love different forms of accommodations so we usually choose between lovely boutique bed & breakfasts, small hotels or self-catering cottages. It varies a lot and everything has its pros and cons of course.


The accommodation should be beautiful and when it comes to self-catering, we finally found the perfect kind. If you’re dreaming about staying in the prettiest historic housess in Britain, then there’s no way around the Landmark Trust.


I feel kind of embarrassed to admit it but it’s only been about 1 1/2 years ago that I started noticing the Landmark Trust. Don’t ask how that’s even possible, I don’t have an explanation. Well, this is why I really feel the urge to share this with you because: Culloden Tower in Yorkshire’s Richmond was by far the most beautiful thing we ever experienced when it comes to self-catering. From now on, this will be our booking platform if we fancy and total independence and something very unique.


What exactly is the Landmark Trust? It was founded in 1965 by Sir John and Lady Smith and is a British building conservation charity. You find the most incredible places throughout Britain but also in France or Italy which I find quite impressive. It seems that there’s no limit to the imagination, I guarantee you, you will find your dream spot. stay in historic and unique houses in britain


The 3 days at Culloden Tower felt like a fairytale; we absolutely loved the kitchen but especially the living room and the bedroom and we had the hardest time to leave. The bedroom was in the upper tower (there was a smaller additional bedroom on the lower level which wasn’t as charming as this one though) and if you had to use the toilet at night, you had to walk all the way down the winding staircase but you know what? It didn’t matter at all. We felt a tiny bit like English gentry, we had ‘our’ own cast iron gate to get to the tower and it was just the two of us. The view towards Richmond is just beautiful and I just can’t stop thinking about it. stay in historic and unique houses in britain


Culloden Tower is some sort of Wedgwood dream with all the stunning wall paints and the wall and window decorations. I couldn’t get enough. The windows and bookcases were my absolute highlight. A real interior heaven! Can I have the exact same thing for our future home, please? stay in historic and unique houses in britain


The photos from last week’s post (here) were taken at Culloden Tower too because it was the right time and place to start the festive season and to share tips on how to enjoy it. We will cherish this memory forever.
english teatimeteatime in culloden towerliving room in culloden towerliving room in culloden towerbedroom with fireplace in culloden towerbedroom in culloden towerbedroom with fireplace in culloden tower


Ruth Mortimer

I can see why you wouldn’t want to leave here – it certainly looks beautiful and restful. A magical place for your both. Ruth xx


So glad you like the post Lindsay, thanks so much. This place was just out of this world, the tower is the best.x


This is the first time I have heard of the Landmark Trust and it sounds right up our street. I knew you could stay overnight at some of the National Trust buildings but not anout this. Will definitely try it out for our next adventures


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