World's End, Denbighshire

Fashion, Lifestyle | October 10, 2017


woman wearing purple coat and skirtworld's end in denbighshirewoman wearing purple coat and skirtwoman wearing purple coat and skirtwoman wearing purple printed coatworld's end in denbighshirewoman wearing purple coat and skirt

Autumn is currently showing its best side and you can’t help but love this time of year. I wish it would last a lot longer because I’m such a lover of all things autumn.


Most of you might know that you find a lot of broom and heath here in the UK. You come across huge moorland that will simply take your breath away. And although these moorland herbs are no longer blooming, it’s a feast for the eyes especially now in autumn because the colouring is looking so much like Scotland. On a recent trip we drove to nearby Denbighshire as we knew we would find some moorland there. It didn’t take us too long to find the right spot. The only problem: Everything was surrounded by fences and we were kind of stuck. spectacular world’s end denbighshire


Fed up with the whole situation we gave up and drove back home until we came across a sign that said ‘World’s End’. We hadn’t heard about that one before and wanted to give it a try. It seemed that from one minute to the next we were surrounded by a landscape that was the equal of Scotland. It’s funny that it’s only a 20 minute drive from us. You’re passing populated areas only to find yourself surrounded by free-range sheep and breathtaking nature just seconds later.

spectacular world’s end denbighshire


World’s End is the perfect name for it. The area is a very popular destination with walkers and cyclists and if you’re looking for a place to recharge, you really have to come here.


We had some rainshowers in between but we didn’t mind at all and just enjoyed. It was our plan to photograph my outfit but Joerg and I agreed on coming back in our hiking gear to see more of this spectacular landscape. We can highly recommend this place and it’s honestly the best escape for all friends of nature.


My outfit:

King Louie Coat (old; different print here or here), Zara Blouse (similar style here), ASOS Skirt, Acne Jensen Boots
world's end in denbighshirewoman wearing purple coat and skirtwoman wearing purple coat and skirtwoman wearing purple coat and skirtwoman wearing purple coat and skirt



It’s so amazing what you find just driving around, right, Kirsten??
I’m a little jealous because of the ability to take the photos anywhere. We actually have so much sun that I’m always trying to look for shade!


We were so lucky Jodie as we actually gave up after walking around in mud (in my outfit!) only to come across fences that led us nowhere. Sounds probably easier than it was, it took us about 3 hours to find this place in the end. Oh yes I can imagine, it’s difficult if you always have to take photos in the sun but then again it can get difficult in the winter months here as we’re often lacking light.x

Ruth Mortimer

Your outfit works well Kirsten. Very smart. I enjoy your descriptions of your country jaunts. Free range sheep! Haha. Love it. Ruth


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