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Interior, Lifestyle | March 31, 2017



A bit of Bridget Jones and the famous mini break, maybe? Well, whenever I come across a gorgeous country house hotel, she comes to mind. In the first part of Bridget Jones, she and Daniel Cleaver stayed at Stoke Park which of course made it to my wishlist too but I guess that’s no surprise. romantic country house weekend retreat


In this post I told you that Joerg gave a book to me many years ago which is all about the domestic culture in the British Isles. I really value this book to this day because it has so many tips (sadly it’s no longer available) some of which we’re trying to put into practice little by little. The book also mentions Llangoed Hall in Brecon, a beautiful country house hotel in mid-Wales. I love fabrics, wallpaper, prints and magnificent country estates. The more traditional, playful and romantic – I’m all in. I still remember when Laura Ashley opened its shops in Germany. You could always find me there buying wallpaper and fabrics but also vases, picture frames or lamps. Meanwhile these shops no longer exist in Germany but gladly they do over here in Britain. romantic country house weekend retreat


The great thing about Llangoed Hall is the fact that it was bought by Laura Ashley’s husband Bernard in 1987. It all happened while he passed the somewhat run-down estate with his wife. She fell in love with it and said it would make the perfect country house hotel. Unfortunately it wasn’t for sale back then but when Laura Ashley passed away, Bernard Ashley got the chance to buy the house and put his late wife’s dream into a reality. romantic country house weekend retreat


Even though there’s a new owner now, you feel the spirit of Laura Ashley everywhere. There are a lot of campaign images throughout the house and all in all Bernard Ashley’s art collection is impressive. This is what makes the house so intimate and not like a hotel at all. A fact we highly appreciated. Llangoed Hall has only 23 rooms and there are wonderful retreats everywhere. The hotel is situated in the beautiful Wye Valley and the Brecon Beacons National Park is only a stone’s throw away. But honestly, you don’t even need to drive anywhere, you can go hiking as soon as you step out of the hotel, relax when you get back or enjoy a glass of sherry in your room.


Of course we seized the opportunity to take many photos and there will be more Laura Ashley next week. But gladly we were also able to enjoy the peace and quiet and the breathtaking landscape. I know for a fact that many of you enjoy a country house hotel as much as we do, so here’s more for you.





Very nice – did you actually stay for a weekend or have a look around? I l am pleased the decor didn’t look too tizzy with tiny flowers. The bedroom colour scheme was rather soft and lovely – almost muted. The beautiful long hall rug was quite striking.


Glad you like it Ruth, it’s the most perfect retreat. Yes, we stayed there because it’s a bit too far from where we live so the 2 1/2 days were so nice. It was on my list to sleep there hahah.x


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