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Last week we moved into our cottage in the Welsh countryside. Phew, the first step is completed. We’re currently in Germany and a lot of work awaits us once we get back. Some boxes still need unpacking and then there’s the cleaning. Nevertheless we were able to leave for Germany having a clear conscience since we achieved a lot in a short amount of time. renting in the uk


So how does renting in the UK actually work? One thing is for sure: The British like moving a lot more than the Germans. We are right in the middle of it now. A large part of the rental contracts is for 6 months only (short-term) or 12 months (which is considered as long-term). There’s no private market to be found. Literally everything is handled via estate agents. We never ever have seen so many estate agents in our lives as we have in the UK. If you’re looking for a place to rent or to buy property, you go and search on www.rightmove.com or www.zoopla.co.uk. All agents will refer you to the sites as well. We came to the conclusion that it doesn’t make any sense to visit an agent’s office as they will most certainly refer you to Rightmove anyway. All the viewings, the contracts and in most cases the property management is handled by the agents though. If you’re really interested in something, make sure to apply by paying a fee which is between 200 and 300 GBP.  In the end it’s down to the landlord should there be several applicants for a property. The fee will be gone no matter what. So far we made the experience that you get what you want if you’re quick – being quick is key. renting in the uk


The almost joyful moving of the British brought about tons of removal companies as you can imagine. Many of them are totally fine if you hire them just a week prior to your move. Moving is exhausting that’s no question. Surely we don’t want to make it our hobby. You have less rights as a tennant here than you have in Germany and it can happen that you have to move out of your flat or house very quickly. We rented our semi-detached house in Heswall only short-term and the landlord is moving into the house now. During the past months we hoped to find a place to buy but it just didn’t work out. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that we already had our own place back in Germany. You take a closer look at things and a hasty purchase was no option for us. We are quite lucky to have stumbled upon this cute cottage in Wales. It leaves us a bit more time to check the market in more depth. A few days before we moved into the cottage, we brought parts of our belongings there and I added some colour to the empty place with tulips. We also had a cup of tea which was a little throwback for us. It’s something we always did in Germany while our house from Sweden was being built. Stepping into the kitchen even if it didn’t exist in the beginning used to be our first move. renting in the uk

woman drinking tea in the kitchenglutenfree bakewell tartswoman in the kitchen


Ruth Mortimer

Your cottage looks very cute and I hope you will both be happy here, albeit temporarily. You look very happy in your kitchen Kirsten, arranging your pretty tulips. All the best, Ruth xx


Thanks so much Ruth. Yes we think it’s a great option until we (hopefully) find a place to buy. We have to wait and see what the consequences of Brexit will really bring about.x


Oh Kirsten! This looks SOOOO charming! I rented a cottage in Wales (Carmarthenshire) for years… I loved it so much. I loved the long walks where you see almost no one, and can really enjoy nature unspoiled. I hope you enjoy your time there and that the transition in your move is as easy as possible!


So glad you like it Lisa, thanks so much. I’m sure we will enjoy our time there, it’s next to a golf course so I think it’s just perfect for long walks.x


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