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Lifestyle | July 13, 2017


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As I mentioned on Instagram last night, today I’m sharing the beautiful film locations of ‘Pride & Prejudice’. ‘Pride & Prejudice’ is definitely one of the best books and classics out there. But this post isn’t only something for those passionate about all things Jane Austen. I think even those of you who aren’t familiar with her, will appreciate it for all the beautiful places that belong to the prettiest ones in the country. I decided to mention only those that we have visited so far but as we’re constantly adding new places, I will keep you posted. First things first though: Here’s my latest Vlog on YouTube where you can see more of our amazing time in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire and I would be over the moon if you subscribed to my channel.


The most beautiful locations for the screen adaptations of Pride & Prejudice


Stourhead Gardens


I’ve stumbled upon the dreamy bridge in Stourhead Gardens a number of times on my favourite Instagram accounts before. During our long weekend in South-Wiltshire we could finally go there. Stourhead Gardens is the filming location for some scenes with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. Of course there’s the romantic bridge (unfortunately you can’t get up on the bridge) and the Temple of Apollo which you can see in photo 8. It’s such a beautiful pavillion with a stunning view towards the lake. One of the visitors said that it would be perfect to have a nice cup of tea up here and I couldn’t agree more. We went early in the morning because there were many people later sitting by the bridge having a picnic to enjoy the beautiful surroundings which I fully understand. Before I forget: You can stay right next to the garden and book a room at the Stourhead Gardens B & B (shown in the last photos). pride and prejudice filming locations


Wilton House


Wilton House is the filming location in the screen adaption with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen and serves as Mr Darcy’s Pemberley. It’s privately owned but we’re so lucky that it’s open to the public and if you can, go and visit this place. We loved every second there and had to use the stunning surroundings for a blog post (here). Wilton House is constantly being used for films and series and the indoor scenes of Pemberley were shot here.


Stanage Edge


I was blown away by this place (literally!). We went there in February (here), it was very windy and chilly but the experience was out of this world. The view and the nature are breathtakingly beautiful and I think Keira Knightley aka Elizabeth Bennet couldn’t have been in a more dramatic scenery. I’m longing to go back which will hopefully happen soon. It’s such a great hiking place too. pride and prejudice filming locations


Chatsworth House


Despite the fact that it was incredibly busy when we went, the festive season at Chatsworth House is very special. Everything is decorated with so much love and detail that you want nothing else than celebrate Christmas here. We went on a weekend (here) and hopefully we can go on a weekday next time so it’s less crowded. Chatsworth House was used for the exterior shots of Darcy’s Pemberley and it’s such an impressive manor house. There’s currently the exhibition House Style showing 5 centuries of fashion at Chatsworth; all put together by the Vogue Editior Hamish Bowles. We heard the greatest things about it and hope we can still make it there before it ends. pride and prejudice filming locations


Lyme Park


Sigh, Lyme Park is the first film location we visited and I instantly fell in love with this place. We already went a couple of times (here and here) and it will always hold a special place in my heart because we went there with my parents the second time. I think the BBC adaptation with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle will be my alltime favourite and Lyme Park is such a worthy Pemberley. pride and prejudice filming locations




It seems that time stood still in Lacock. There are no visible power lines, nothing. The village is so dreamy and the National Trust does such a great job in maintaining it all. You will love it there, take your time as there’s so much to see. It’s not surprising that the village and abbey isn’t only the setting for ‘Pride & Prejudice’ but many more and very known films and series, just check out my post here.

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Ruth Mortimer

Hi Kirsten
An interesting post and beautiful photos. I think you were born in the wrong era! I can just see you in period clothes gracefully taking tea in the lovely gardens. Ruth x


Thanks so much Ruth! Hahah yes, I keep saying that all the time. Have a lovely weekend.x


Lovely post as usual! I’ve been to Lyme Park, Chatsworth and Stanage Edge too and was blown away by the beauty too šŸ˜€ Next week I will visit Chawton, the little village where Austen spent the last years of her life. Can’t wait to visit the museum!!
Have a lovely Saturday.


Thanks so much Kathleen. Oh Chawton sounds wonderful, I’m sure it will be amazing, it’s on my list too and l look forward to your posts. Have you ever been to Bath? I think it’s my favourite UK city. I wish you so much fun. Have a great weekend lovely.x


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