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Lifestyle | November 9, 2017


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If you’re a fan of great British costume dramas I’m sure you love Poldark. It started in October 2016 for us when my parents were visiting and we wanted to give the series a chance. I think my Dad was especially taken by it because since then he’s read all the books and we all know that they’re often so much better than the actual series.


While we planned a lot for our week in Cornwall, we also gave us some space for more flexibility and some last minute decisions depending on the weather. This way Joerg and I thought Charlestown in the south of Cornwall would be a great option because it has an amazing historic harbour where some of the scenes for Poldark are filmed.


It seems we were quite lucky that day as once we arrived we saw that everything was being prepared for filming. We didn’t see the actors but people were working hard on all the props to make the harbour look like a proper 18th century harbour. The location is so perfect and the sailing boots look amazing. poldark filming locations


As a matter of fact the Poldark filming locations are a fantastic starting point for a holiday in Cornwall. The locations are breathtakingly beautiful and definitely worth visiting.


I put together a little list showing you some of the key locations and there are some left we’re dying to visit ourselves. There’s the breathtaking Botallack Mine that we think is a must see and we hope we can make it next time. I know for a fact that a lot of scenes of the last season were shot in North Wales but I didn’t take those into consideration as it would be too long for this post. When we visited Padstow I was buying a hat in a store and the shop owner was quite excited when she told me that the film crew was in the area to shoot and she needed to make sure to leave the shop on time to get a glimpse of them. She was a massive fan, she named her son Ross (!) and she recommended the ‘Experience Poldark App’ to me where you can learn a lot more about the filming locations. Well, we really loved Charlestown, the sea is so beautiful there and we stumbled upon a couple of great self-catering cottages (here and here). poldark filming locations


After our time in Charlestown we drove to nearby Fowey. Not a filming location for Poldark but amazing nonetheless. I highly recommend a visit, it’s such a special harbour town with tons of little alleys waiting to be explored.
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Ruth Mortimer

That must have been wonderful to visit those locations Kirsten. I took out the original Poldark series about 4 years ago and watched those – excellent. I never saw them the first time round for some reason. Ruth


Oh I need to watch the original Poldark series, thanks so much for reminding me Ruth. The locations are all so beautiful.x


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