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While we had our house from Sweden back in Germany, we had a little front porch which we absolutely adored. We put a wooden table and 2 chairs on it and used to sit there whenever we could. It’s a fact that wood is quite high maintenance but we can’t help it, we’ve always been passionate about wood. As the years go by, it’s only natural that the paint flakes off, especially if you keep the furniture outside all year round which we mostly do. Our furniture was so ready for new paint. Last year I bought some furniture paint at the Laura Ashley sale (as a matter of fact there’s a sale going on right now!) in the shade Eau de Nile. I have to admit that it often takes a while to get us started on something but we finally did it. And the great thing is that I could do most of the work myself which again shows that everyone can do it. Today I’m sharing some tips on how I repainted everything:


First off, the furniture needs a bit of sanding to make sure that the new paint stays on longer and looks more beautiful. It also makes the painting process a lot easier. how to repaint wooden outdoor furniture
Work with a primer

In the next step, I painted the table and chairs with a wood primer. We bought it at a DIY store and it’s so easy to work with. how to repaint wooden outdoor furniture
Apply the paint

On another day (which is obvious looking at my different nail polish!), I worked with the Laura Ashley paint. I was extremely surprised at how rich it was. I bought 2 tins last year and although I used 3 coats (which it really needed to give it good coverage), I needed only half of one tin. During the painting process, I had to think of our former house from Sweden because we painted it ourselves the second time and I really loved that. I think painting is my cup of tea as I really do enjoy it. how to repaint wooden outdoor furniture



We’re so happy with the result and I love the pastel colour of the furniture. We bought the pillows from Green Gate some years ago and always use them outdoors. The plates are from Anthropologie and not only do I adore them but in my opinion they give a table that little extra something. The good thing is that they are still available. Cheeseboard and cheese knives are new and also from Anthropologie (it’s currently all in the sale!) and I think everything looks great with the blooming roses in the background. We love spending mild summer evenings outside and enjoy it as often as possible. How about you?
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Oh my God! That dress!!!!! I need it immediately! Zara right?
Also, congrats on your diy skills! You did a great job with the outdoor furniture!


www thank you Niki. Yes the dress is from Zara, they have such cute stuff at the moment.


Oh hun you look so cute!! Adore the “painter’s outfit” and that table filled with yummy food is just too delicious! Happy Friday!


You are the sweetest Tatyana, thank you so much. Hope you had a great weekend.

Ruth Mortimer

I was searching for paint on your outfit, but nary a drop! Unlike moi. You did a great job and you set the table beautifully I love your dress.


Hahaha, I had just a little bit on my jeans but you can’t see it. The paint is the best quality and since it’s not really dripping, it was great to work with without leaving a mess.


It’s so beautiful – what a gorgeous colour. And then your meal looked yummy too!
Loving this!


It does Jodie, I’m loving the new colour so much. Hahah, I must say this paint is not dripping at all, it’s such a great quality that I was astonished that I didn’t have it all over me.


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