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woman wearing gingham dress

gingham styles

You know how much I adore gingham and that’s why I just know that many of you feel the same way. Whenever I browse through the online shops, my eyes seem to spot the gingham styles the first second although I already own some pieces. Take a skirt for example: Sometimes I stumble upon a style that is not much different from one in my closet but still I get the urge to buy it. This really happens very rarely to me. There’s just one other print where I get the same feeling and that’s tartan. It’s fairly obvious that I’m all over plaid.


Gingham is the summer trend 2017 but honestly, was there ever a time when you couldn’t wear this print? I think it’s as beautiful as it was 50 years ago. Currently it seems that the so-called “trend” is everywhere but I know I will still be wearing it even if the shops are no longer stuffed with it. What do you think about it? gingham styles


I linked some beautiul gingham styles for you. What I still lack is a red piece and it’s strange but I have the feeling you don’t find them as often as the other colours. How do you feel about capri trousers? Love or hate them? I personally love them and think they look even more adorable in gingham. gingham styles


I’ve linked the original posts to the shown looks here, here, here, here, here and here.
woman wearing gingham dressgingham trousers



I love it too! I agree, it’s timeless and that’s the kind of clothing I love. I also have the Laura Ashley gingham pinafore. Yellow gingham is pretty. I love the skirt. This week I was walking past a Hobbs and found a little yellow gingham top in the sale šŸ™‚


I’m so glad you agree, gingham is such a wonderful print, so summery (like stripes, never goes out of style). The Laura Ashley dress is so pretty, isn’t it? I love Hobbs, need to check out their sale too. Thanks so much Bea.x


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