Arley Hall, Cheshire

Lifestyle | April 28, 2017


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When we visited Arley Hall some weeks ago (find my first post here), it was the most glorious and relaxing day and we couldn’t help but take photos all the time. As we arrived very early at the pretty estate with the equally beautiful gardens, we were able to take it slow with no rush at all. This is the reason why I decided to create 2 posts this time so that you can see more of the beautiful gardens. They were already a dream at the beginning of April and will probably look like a fairytale in a few weeks time. You can also get married at Arley Hall and if I wasn’t already, this location would be very much to my liking. But even being a wedding guest wouldn’t be a bad thing, would it? gardens in cheshire


We actually came across Arley Hall on TV last year when nothing was on and we got kind of stuck watching the Antiques Roadshow. I instantly had to check the web to find out that Arley Hall was very near to where we live. Lovers of English and romantic gardens will thoroughly enjoy it. Mind you, those who are fascinated by magnificent architecture will love it just as much. Arley Hall is a Victorian country estate in Elizabethan style and you will fall in love head over heels with it. Take your time, we spent so many hours in the gardens that we didn’t even make it into the house. But you know, could there ever be a better reason to return? gardens in cheshire


Have a great weekend everyone.X gardens in cheshire

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julia bradbury

Actually there is a less formal garden just past the Church within the Arley Hall complex where there are many seats to enjoy the peaceful ambience, you may even encounter Lord Ashbrook, the owner like we did last time we were there.


Thank you Julia! Yes, we were running out of time as we took outfit photos and can’t wait to go back as we really really loved it there. I mentioned in my last post that we met Lord and Lady Ashbrook on our walk, they were so kind and sweet. Have a great weekend.xx


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