Hanbury Hall

Fashion, Lifestyle | October 12, 2017


floaty silhouette dresshanbury hall in worcestershirefloaty silhouette dressfloaty silhouette dresshanbury hall in worcestershirehanbury hall in worcestershire

Some weeks ago when we were driving back from Cornwall we took a break after 2/3 of our drive was done. The night before Joerg and I checked out the National Trust book with its properties to look for something that was on our way. It should be pretty where we would enjoy walking around. It didn’t take us too long to choose Hanbury Hall in Worcestershire.


First off: If you can make it happen, try to visit a National Trust property on a Friday afternoon. We only met very few people at Hanbury Hall and were able to relax after some congestion on the motorway. Hanbury Hall was built in the early 18th century by the lawyer Thomas Vernon. The beautiful Queen Ann Style and the red bricks makes it to one of my absolute favourites. The formal garden is so dreamy and you can tell that it has been made with a lot of love. We didn’t even have enough time to see all of the property since it’s quite big.


Wearing a floaty silhouette dress and being surrounded by such beauty is always something special for me. It was a wonderful mild day and I felt incredibly happy there.


If you’re looking for a dress that is very flattering and feminine at the same time, go for a floaty dress.


I styled my burgundy boots with the dress which makes it a bit more casual. To go for a more sophisticated look, you can combine it with a pair of heels like these or these ones. Before I forget: I was wearing this Somerset by Alice Temperley dress for hours in the car and it wasn’t wrinkly at all which I think is another great plus. I hate it when my clothes get all wrinkly from sitting in the car so I was relieved that it didn’t happen here. floaty silhouette dress


My parents’ visit was so nice and we couldn’t have asked for a better finish by going to Hanbury Hall. I miss them every single day but I’m glad to be able to talk to them (and see them) via Skype as often as possible. Times really have changed because when we lived in Egypt years ago, you only talked on the phone very rarely with your family in Germany and writing letters was still big then. floaty silhouette dress


My outfit:

Somerset by Alice Temperley Dress, Zara Boots (similar style here or here), Cambridge Satchel Saddle Bag
hanbury hall in worcestershirehanbury hall in worcestershirefloaty silhouette dressfloaty silhouette dresshanbury hall in worcestershirehanbury hall in worcestershire



This is one of our local NT properties, so I know it well. It is also one of my favourites. I actually went to a wedding there, twenty or so years ago, when the bride wore a long ruby-red dress… It is also the perfect foil for your beautiful Temperley dress. Hanbury has such a mellow ambience x


There is such a great history there, and you always showcase the places so beautifully. Do you use a flash somehow???
And those burgundy booties?? I love those. I used to have a pair, but my hubby didn’t like them for some reason!! silly man!


The history here always takes my breath away as well. And thanks so much. What, your hubs didn’t like the burguny booties? What a shame. No, we never work with flash, we think only real professionals are able to master it.x


The Gardens in these estates are always so very beautiful! You should really visit Hever Castle of you havn t yet! Have a great weekend!


Thank you, have a fab weekend to Nancy. Yes, this garden is especially gorgeous, one of my absolute favourite so far.x

Helen Hobden

I’ve never been to Hanbury Hall before, but I’ll be sure to check it out if we’re traveling that way. Like you, we get out the National Trust book whenever we go somewhere – their properties make the perfect mid-travel break!
Helen x


I’m sure you will love it Helen. What I love about it is that it doesn’t seem to be so incredibly packed as Blenheim or Chatsworth, it’s a beautiful property. Oh I do love the National Trust.x

Ruth Mortimer

I did enjoy these photos Kirsten. You look lovely in your floaty dress and I love your burgundy boots. I am envious you have so many wonderful historic homes to visit. Ruth x


So good to know, thanks so much Ruth. I know, we have so many historic homes here, it’s like paradise.x


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