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Fashion | October 2, 2017


woman wearing red trench and plaid trouserswidemouth bay cornwallwoman wearing red trench and plaid trouserswoman wearing red trench and plaid trouserswoman wearing plaid shirt and plaid trouserswoman wearing plaid shirt and plaid trousersecco sneakers for women

I think all of us have a decade that made the biggest impact on us. Without a doubt it were the 80s for me because so much happened in these 10 years. It was the most exciting time because in ’85 I moved to Egypt with my parents which was an unbelievable experience. Thinking back it almost feels unreal. The things I was lucky enough to experience, the people I met – they made me the person I am today. They are the reason why me and Joerg ended up in the UK and I am beyond grateful. I also had my first boyfriend in Egypt, was lovesick more than once when he moved to New York. Back then I thought I wouldn’t survive it. But all’s well that ends well, when I returned to Germany in the late 80s, I met Joerg and I haven’t looked back.


Ah, I loved watching MTV in the 80s and all those fab music videos. I mean it wasn’t all about the music but the fashion, wasn’t it? I got inspired by the popstars and tried to copy their style. One of the bands I absolutely adored was Bananarama. These girls were so cool and I wanted to dress like them. This was also the time when I wanted my first pair of low-top sneakers and needed to convince my parents. I know time has changed. Naturally I was over the moon when I got them. The Bananarama girls always wore sneakers and loafers and it really spoke to me; they also wore plaid and to this day I’m really obsessed with plaid. eighties fashion trend in 2017


2017 is a year that brought back a lot of the 80s style and it’s so fun to see. Being a grown-up now (not always though!), I wouldn’t dress the same way I did when I was a teen. It’s all a bit more toned down but my love for colour and print is still there and I don’t think it’ll ever change.eighties fashion trend in 2017


When ECCO shoes approached me for a collaboration and told me what it was about, I got really excited. For all of the said reasons: If you will the 80s made me. ECCO launched the SOFT 1 Sneaker earlier this summer, which is a retro and minimal inspired collection for the modern woman. It’s actually a redesign of the classic ECCO SOFT in the 80s. We are constantly off to see amazing places throughout the UK and comfy shoe wear is essential for me. While I do have some heels, my shoe cupboard is filled with flats. I got my SOFT 1 sneakers in an ombre colour and a low-top version because I think it goes with so many outfits.eighties fashion trend in 2017


We just returned from a wonderful week in Cornwall and did a lot of sightseeing. One day we returned to Trerice, an Elizabethan manor because we wanted to show this beautiful place to my parents. Early in the morning we took a walk along Widemouth Bay which is where we had our cottage. A beautiful and very windy bay. In fact it reminded me a little bit of South Africa with its dramatic coastal scenery. I wore my ECCO SOFT 1 sneakers all day long and couldn’t help but style them with my beloved plaid. The shirt is actually very 80s inspired as well. I finished off the look with my waterproof trench coat (needed that day!) and felt great for a day out.


My outfit:

Zara Waterproof Trench Coat (old; love this one too), Mango Blouse, Mango Trousers (similar ones here), ECCO Soft 1 Sneakers


woman wearing red trench and plaid trouserstrerice national trustwoman wearing red trench and plaid trousersbananarama in the 80s


I remember my first pair of low-top sneakers in the Eighties as if it was yesterday. Of course my style has developed over the years but I still have a soft spot for the Eighties fashion and like to include some elements. The decade had a huge impact on me.


woman wearing red trench and plaid trouserswoman wearing red trench and plaid trousers



Zara Waterproof Trench Coat (old; love this one too), Mango Blouse, Mango Trousers (similar ones here), ECCO Sneakers


This post is in collaboration with ECCO Shoes but all opinions are my own.


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Thanks so much Jodie, I do love these sneakers, they are super comfy and really perfect.x


I saw them performing in Graham Norton s show last weekend! I thought they were very cool too. One of them lives in Cornwall.


I’ve watched it on YouTube Nancy, can’t get ‘Cruel Summer’ out of my head 🙂 And I do love Siobhan’s style – still the coolest.x


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