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Lifestyle | March 10, 2017


Our decision to move to the UK took many people by surprise. I think some of them thought it to be utterly absurd and couldn’t understand it at all. How in the world can you give up everything you’ve worked for so far in Germany? At our age? I admit that you don’t decide things like that over night. We asked ourselves too if we were really willing to go that far. Age didn’t matter for us here at all because we have a very different view towards our #TRUEAGE anyway.


Talking to others about it, you usually hear that they would have done it about 10 or 15 years ago. During a time where they had less obligations, no house, no children. This is when it’s supposed to be easier. Yes, perhaps it’s easier but there’s no guarantee for anything in life. And just because you’re no longer in your twenties doesn’t mean that you can’t change something. On the contrary: If there’s a new opportunity, listen to yourself and think about seizing it. I think there’s nothing worse than growing old and saying ‘what if’. Our lives have never been straightforward. Of course there are times where I ask myself whether I did everything right. I most certainly didn’t, there were (and still are) detours because when I’m unhappy with something I want to change it. Nowhere is it written that you can’t face new challenges because you are a certain age. I was late with everything: My A-levels, my graduation from uni, I completed my second degree in my late thirties. I think it’s incredibly important to remain flexible. I’m convinced that it keeps you young(er). My views are definitely shaped by my upbringing because my parents themselves were older when my dad got a job offer to go to Egypt. And they managed it all although the circumstances were anything but easy with their house and 3 children.


I’ve been suffering from Hashimoto’s for many years. There were times when I had no energy at all and didn’t know how to continue. Not only a balanced and gluten free diet is helping me to feel better. For some weeks I’ve been taking the Simply Timeless Cod Liver Oil capsules from Seven Seas. Cod Liver Oil contains omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D to help maintain normal vision and brain function. A daily intake of 250mg makes us feel good in the ageing process. You can currently get the Seven Seas Simply Timeless Cod Liver Oil capsules at Boots for £7.16. I recommend watching BBC’s Trust Me I’m A Doctor to learn more about the health benefits of Omega-3 and fish oil supplements. You can watch the show on catch up here. I feel that the capsules really start to help me and that I’m beginning to come up with new ideas. They support me in living my #TRUEAGE and this is the best feeling.


And here were are again, talking about age. You can say we really started over. Looking for a nice property, I have something in my head and will try everything to make it happen. Within the bounds of our possibilities. Don’t forget: It’s never too late to work on your dreams. You can always start something new, design your life and keep it exciting.




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Hi Kirsten, Thank you for sharing your story. It can’t be easy for you, but it sounds you made a good decision and you are following your heart. Yes, don’t worry too much about age. I was a late scholar, starting uni in my mid-thirties and finally got my PhD at 50! I have auto-immune issues and now have to take life a lot more slowly and pace myself. I ended up having my 2 sons in my 40s which was not the way I would have wanted it. However, your story has reinforced what I believe – sometimes our health and life circumstances seem to stop us going down a certain route, and we end up on another track, leading quite a different life. It may seem hard at first and definitely different from what we wanted or imagined. Hopefully, it will all turn out well in the end. Take care, and I hope your travels in life will be fun, fulfilling and peaceful. Take care, Ruth


Ruth, I have to thank you for sharing this! It’s good to hear your story and I’m sure it can help many women. What did you study, I’m so intrigued? You take care too and have a lovely week ahead.xx


I also recently discovered the usefulness of fish oil for myself. He perfectly supports immunity and in the spring is very useful.


Such a great reminder that our health really is everything that matters. Your move was the right thing to do for both of you and of course there are many feelings and worries that come with the move, but all that really matters is your health! Good girl for taking care of your diet too! 🙂 Tatyana x


Thanks so much Tatyana. Yes there’s nothing more precious than our health, is there?xx


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