Ebrington, Cotswolds

Lifestyle | October 19, 2016





We spent our first ever holiday in the UK in a beautiful cottage right by the water on the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall many years ago. It was almost like in one of those Rosamunde Pilcher films that you think would only exist on TV. Ever since that holiday we’ve been fascinated by the country which has become our new home. We like staying in hotels from time to time but we love staying at self-catering homes as well because it gives us so much flexibility. This is why I so well remember the time when we bought our first marmalades from Chivers during this very first holiday. For us it’s one of the essentials of a good English breakfast. cottage in the cotswolds


Naturally we returned to Germany with some jars and realised later that we could get this British gem at our local supermarket too. This way we always had a piece of Great Britain in Germany. I couldn’t be more excited about this wonderful collaboration with Chivers because to me this is a match made in heaven. We just came back from the most gorgeous 3 day mini break in a lovely thatched-roofed cottage in the stunning Cotswolds. Just think Amanda of ‘The Holiday’ because this is exactly how I felt. We couldn’t have asked for better weather and were even able to have breakfast out on the patio one morning. Talking about a glorious golden October! I especially love the Orange marmalade from Chivers with its bitter orange bits. I love it with butter on fresh bread or with some creamcheese. In fact all of their marmalades are yummy and you can use them for baking and for desserts as well. The traditional marmalade has been around since 1873 and whenever I enjoy it, so many memories of our very first UK holiday return but I also get this ‘pinch me’-moment. I’m sitting on this patio in the breathtaking Cotswolds thinking how crazy it is that we could turn our dream into a reality and actually live here. I’m aware that I mentioned it more than once but I don’t think I will ever lose this sensation. cottage in the cotswolds

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In collaboration with Chivers



This little house is absolutely adorable! I totally just want to live there. I went to England years ago and my favorite part was their breakfasts there! I remember the marmalade and how delicious they were still to this day! I love your little basket of food!



I know, right! I could easily live in this village as well. The most gorgeous countryside. Thanks so much!


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