Hi there, I’m Kirsten and I’m beyond thrilled that you found your way to my blog. When I started THE LIFB ISSUE 3 1/2 years ago, I couldn’t have imagined that we would actually end up living in the UK. It was my biggest dream. As a teen I lived in Egypt with my parents where it all began. I connected with British people, learned English and gladly picked up their accent. Later I decided to study English language and literature along with media sciences and was lucky to spend a semester in beautiful Cambridge. Back then I just wanted to stay! At home everything evolved around the British lifestyle. Then we built a house from Sweden which looked very British interiorwise. Years later we got the chance to go to the UK and are currently living in Wrexham in North Wales and very close to beautiful Chester. It has definately been the biggest and most difficult decision in our lives so far. We sold our house in Germany and are slowly settling down in another country. I’m living my dream here and if you like, come with me on this journey.


My blog is about lifestyle, interior, fashion and all things British, hence LIFB! There are so many beautiful things and places I love to share with you. Never give up dreaming.


Yours truly xo