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Joerg and I absolutely love Cheshire. There’s so much to do and our list goes on and on. Today I’m sharing 5 places within the county that are a real must.


Shortly after we moved to the UK we became members of the National Trust, a non-profit organisation that works to preserve historic places. To this day we have no regrets. In fact we would recommend everyone to become a member provided one stays in the UK for a while. You really get to know the country, there are tons of incredible places belonging to the National Trust so that you don’t need to worry that you’ll ever get bored. And finally you save a lot of money because you get charged your annual fee but don’t have to pay any admission charge and believe me that’s a lot if you add it all up.


One of the special places is Little Moreton Hall which is one of the finest half-timbered houses and is more than 400 years old (post here). It’s wonderful to walk in the beautifully manicured garden and a house tour shouldn’t be missed. We’ve been there only once so far but will definately go back because we really loved it.




We visited Tatton Park several times (posts here and here). One of my personal highlights was to see the deer grazing along the very long driveway up to the manor house. It was a beautiful and very peaceful moment which I missed to film. But sometimes moments are so lovely that you want them just for yourself instead of losing some precious seconds where you grab your bag to look for your mobile phone. This is how it should be.


I really love the carousel in the courtyard of Tatton Park, we recommend the Gardener’s Cottage if you want to grab a bite, especially when it’s nice outside nothing can beat a nice Victorian lemonade enjoyed in the beautiful garden.


The park with the conservatory is absolutely lovely as well as the inside of the manor house where you can easily spend all day.






Chester is the perfect city if you ask me, not too big, not too small and the architecture is very special. It has such a high quality of life, you can enjoy the countryside, there’s a lot of culture and I haven’t come across a single person who doesn’t like it here. Also my parents thought it to be perfect. I’ve grown very fond of Chester which of course has a lot to do with the fact that we lived there for 6 months.




I can’t wait until the blue bells are in full bloom again. It mostly begins in April leaving parts of the forests enchanted and very romantic. It’s a dream that we enjoyed in Cholmondeley Castle last year (post here). Cholmondeley Castle is in private possession, has a huge park and I recommend everyone going to enjoy a picnic there. Okay, actually it’s not allowed but then again we saw so many people doing it. Here’s to hoping that we won’t be told off when we’ll try it this year.






Quarry Bank Mill is one of the best preserved textile mills from the 18th century. When you’re visiting you feel as if you travelled in time. I constantly had all the workers in my mind which automtically happens when you see how well preserved the whole property is. Because we missed the series ‘The Mill’, we are currently catching up at night (here; you find the post here).



As always, I very much enjoyed reading your post Kirsten. Yes, Chester is definitely a must-see! I visited there on my UK visit back in the 1980s and was quite enchanted with it. I love your red and white coat – you look lovely! Ruth


Thanks so much Ruth! I’m so glad to hear this Ruth. I think Chester is such a great city, full of charm and perfect architecture. To me it oozes such a special atmosphere too.xx


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