Rufford Old Hall

Fashion | February 27, 2017



Trenchcoat weather last Saturday morning. It’s very windy and rainy. My hairdo hates nothing more than gales, you can prepare yourself for everything else. Many public estates are quite empty on a Saturday. Even more so if the weather isn’t on our side and the estate is small. Very often it’s the smaller and less known sites that are easily overlooked. A pity because being less crowded means you can get involved on a more personal level, talk to members of the National Trust, ask questions etc. We think Rufford Old Hall, a Tudor manor house in Lancashire, is amazing for exactly those reasons.


It always amazes me that we are a bit ahead here when it comes to flowers; it’s the milder temperatures that come into play. It’s only the end of February and so many places are blooming. You can see daffodils in full bloom here and there, their yellow spotted from far away and Wordworth’s poem ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ springs to my mind. It’s mainly crocuses at Rufford Old Hall that you spot right away. A sea of blooms you can admire when taking a stroll through the gardens.


We wanted to start with the gardens when we arrived to enjoy the peace and quiet. But when it started to rain we decided to head to the tearoom first. Being allergic to wheat flour it was fantastic because they had glutenfree rolls and scones. I ordered the soup of the day and a fresh scone and loved it. Yesterday my mother asked me on Skype why I didn’t buy more scones to take home. Well, I just didn’t think of it. You know most of the glutenfree bread is so dry but these scones weren’t at all. Oh they must be a dream with clotted cream and a bit of jam. We just took a photo of Joerg’s ‘regular’ scones because many visitors had the same idea and started their ‘tour’ at the tearoom. Whenever a café or restaurant is busy, I keep taking photos to a minimum because I don’t want to be a nuisance to others. The 30 minute wait was a good idea because it was dry outside afterwards.


What I wore:

Warehouse Trenchcoat (love this and this one too), Warehouse Gingham Top (love this one too), Moto Jamie Jeans, Acne Jensen Boots, Tory Burch York Tote



Warehouse Trenchcoat (love this and this one too), Warehouse Gingham Top (love this one too), Moto Jamie Jeans, Acne Jensen Boots, Tory Burch York Tote


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