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These past weeks my body has been issuing an increasing number of warning signals. I show clear signs of exhaustion, have trouble sleeping, can hardly relax and my thoughts go crazy. It’s a terrible sensation. Of course there are many reasons that triggered it. One of the things that really worried me before we moved to England was my thyroid. I’ve been suffering from Hashimoto’s for 18 years and it’s a long and terrible story. I was lucky to have found a great specialist back in Germany. Sadly I need to start from scratch in England and already had a bad experience. I then start to worry like a crazy person which starts something in me that isn’t good at all. I can’t control my thoughts anymore.


I used to be working late at night until bedtime for the past 2 years. Watching regular TV, I mean absorb a film without having the laptop by my side to edit photos, pinning in my Pinterest boards or catching up on Instagram – I didn’t know how to do it anymore. I needed to stop this and am noticing that I have to learn it again. This sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Why would you have to learn to watch TV? Or to relearn to read books which used to be such a big hobby for me? After dinner I have to put laptop, phone and iPad aside, there’s no other way. No matter how much I think I can’t indulge. I need to force myself to do it. It would be easy to take the credit card and buy myself followers. I admit it had crossed my mind but with what consequences? What would I gain from it? I would lose self-respect and I’m not willing to pay that price. I find it very sad what has been happening on Instagram lately. My blog, my social media channels – it’s me and it’s my brand. I’m standing entirely behind it. I’m working on it and I’m making mistakes along the process but they help me to improve. When I need groups to get likes, followers and engagement and commit myself to do it and make others commenting on my photos, I lose the feeling if I’m doing a good job. What I need to work on. It’s not good for me. And I don’t want to fool the lovely followers I have, it’s no option for me. I don’t want to lose fun in what I’m doing because it’s too important to me.


This week I was glued to Shini’s Instagram live. She writes the blog Park & Cube and couldn’t be more different from me. Still, I absolutely adore her. I think it’s because she’s so real and is such a hard worker. She responds to mails as she was supposed to be showing how to make great GIFs on her Insta live but it didn’t work out in the end. She will probably do it via Skype now. I’m currently also very fascinated by Marte Marie Forsberg. I love her Insta stories. These inspirations are having a healing effect on my soul.


Before we moved to England I was signed with an agency but ended the contract last summer. When I get the feeling that all bloggers have to do the same although all of them are so different. I mean 5 people in onesies? I’m having a PR background myself and you can’t apply the same strategy for everyone. It has to be the right fit to be authentic and me in a onesie here on the blog? Come on. No. I might be too picky but it’s too important. I know that I’m very critical and it can make my life very hard. But I don’t want to change this. It’s the letting go that I neglected and it came to a point where it was no longer good for me. When you put yourself under so much pressure that you can’t deal with it anymore. You need to relax in order to recharge your batteries, to gather new ideas so you can be good at things. I have to learn this again.


I wish you a lovely, hopefully very relaxing weekend.X


julia bradbury

Oh Kristen I just love your blog, you go to such interesting places and I sincerely hope you will be able to continue for many years to come.


Julie, thank you so very much, you’re always so kind and I appreciate it so much. Have a wonderful week.xx


I also really enjoy your blog Kirsten. It is good you have reinforced the importance of being true to yourself. Yes, it is important to be authentic otherwise you would lose your followers. Do look after yourself. These health issues often serve to remind us of the important things and people in our lives. They toss things up to remind us from time to time I find! Keep being authentic and being your lovely self. xx


Thanks so much dear Ruth. It really is so important, isn’t it? And I just came to the conclusion that I can only be good at something when I relax as well. Your body needs it to come up with new ideas and feeling refreshed. And staying true to myself is so incredibly important to me as otherwise I just can’t be happy.xx


Oh I am so sorry to hear! I also struggled for years with my thyroid, and since last year they use other medication , so it games months to use the propper amount again. I hate that because it effects your mental health so incredible! And I know exactly what you mean by not relaxing while watching tv! I told myself two weeks ago to leave the phone, tablet in the kitchen while watching tv! Its horrible that we have to do that! As if we miss out such important things right! What can be more important then relaxing and clear our minds! I wish you well


Aww Nancy, thank you so much. Yes, it’s a nightmare, isn’t it, especially because my thyroid problem is a lifelong issue but when you find the right doctor it’s okay. Yes, I know! I think especially when you’re self-employed it’s so important to relax or else you will go crazy. You can’t just work because if you don’t recharge in between, it will strike back. Have a lovely Monday and thanks so much.


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