Sherston, Wiltshire

Interior | December 12, 2016


By all means, I still need to show you some photos of our room at Pinkney Court in Wiltshire. We stayed there for 2 nights and sadly time passed by far too quickly. In fact I wanted to take many more pictures but in the end we didn’t manage to do so. Still I think the ones here might do to give you a little impression. Last week we finally bought a ring light to take interior photos as so often the light conditions are poor, especially at this time of year. Now we only need to practice since the light came with some filters but I have the impression it was a great investment. I just wish we already had it back in Wiltshire.


When staying at Pinkney Court, you have 3 options: The French Room and The Garden Room. You will have your own entrance, there’s a kitchen with an adjoining dining room and a little sitting area. Those who plan to stay with 4 people, can book it all as a flat (the third option!). Both rooms are absolutely stunning but I fell in love with the patterned wallpaper in the French Room which is why it had to be that one. Not everyone is a lover of wallpaper but we’re wallpaper enthusiasts and our old house in Germany had patterned wallpaper from England everywhere. We also love coloured walls and at Farrow & Ball you can find the most amazing colours (as well as wallpaper) at incredible quality. I asked Netia, the owner of Pinkney Court, if the wallpaper was from Osborne & Little but she said she bought it all at a Laura Ashley sale (there’s currently a sale going on if you’re interested!). I should have guessed because we almost have the exact same lamps. And back then we bought everything in the sale where you can get crazy bargains. Pinkney Court is my fantasy of a living a life in a country manor house. For all those who love patterned wallpaper and coloured walls: Check out Plum Sykes country house. She is a Vogue contributor and her wallpapers are to die for. And should you have missed my 2 earlier posts, you might want to have a look here and here – these photos were all taken at Pinkney Court, sigh. Looking forward to seeing you.

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