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Fashion, Lifestyle | October 12, 2016



Very often I tell myself: Why don’t we live in London? Literally all events, shop openings and so on are taking place there and I miss out on most of them. I must admit that it bugs me sometimes. But when we go out to spend time in the nature, I realise how important it is to me. I can adjust quite easily and love the fast pace of city life. I tend to absorb it in New York or London. Whether I could live there is something else. I think it would be nice for a while but to actually live there is an entirely different matter.


We spent the last weekend in the Cotswolds and it was heaven on earth. It’s not surprising that many Londoners escape to the country on weekends or even leave the city for good as soon as they retire. I can really get that. Especially in Great Britain I often have the impression as if time stood still in some smaller villages. The old buildings, the small shops, everything is a bit slower and I do like it. The Cotswolds are only a 2 hour drive from London and you find yourself in a totally different world. I almost live in my Hunter boots here and they always look nice with a pair of jeans and a plaid dress. If there’s one thing that pays off it’s owning at least 5 pairs of Hunter boots in very different shades so that you’ll always have the right ones to match your outfit. So 2 more pairs for me to own this kind of ‘basic wardrobe’.


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My outfit:

Boohoo Checked Shirt Dress (love this, this and this one too)

Hunter Boots


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I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s so nice living where I live which is just 30 mins away from Loch Lomond and gorgeous peaceful nature landmarks. London is good for work, but can get stressful. Never mind the cost of living there too 🙂

Love your outfit as I know how much you love tartan!

Tatyana x


Yes, everything is so true what you’re saying. The cost of living in London – phew. Sure, great for work and all but I think I’m more of a countryside type of woman. And Loch Lomond is absolutely beautiful.´Oh Tatyana, yes, thanks so much. I hope I can take nice photos in a real tartan outfit up in Scotland one day.XX


Such a beautiful Fall outfit! I love the outfit and the tie in front of the dress is really unique! I love the city, but also love nature. I think like you when I spend time in nature it makes me love it and not want to live near or in the city!



Thanks so much Ruth! Totally, I mean we can go to Manchester or Liverpool if we fancy a city but it’s not often the case to be honest. Usually when I have my appointment at the hairdresser but then I’m always happy to go back to the beautiful countryside.


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