Fashion | October 29, 2014


  In fact it’s already quite chilly in the morning! I like autumn and winter, the only thing I don’t like about it is that it gets dark so very early. Well, what can you do? Last weekend we got...

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Interior | October 28, 2014


  A flat looking like it’s coming right out of a glossy magazine! Everything is colour coordinated and has been planned over years, there’s absolutely nothing lying around or even left to chance. Of course it cost a fortune! Perfect?...

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Fashion | October 27, 2014


  Frankfurt airport: Off to a meeting and I somehow feel as if the time has shifted back to the 60s! How come you’re asking? Just 2 weeks ago we finished watching the show ‘Pan Am‘ (the airline that existed...

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Fashion | October 22, 2014


  As a lover of Great Britain I might have easily mingled with the locals on the island: With a classic trench, a plaid skirt and Hunter boots and on top in a beautiful park – I somehow felt as...

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Fashion | October 20, 2014


  Yay, I’ve found my dream hat! Finally! Do you want to know how I found it? Well as it were, one of my favourite bloggers, Jacey of Damsel in Dior, is to blame. Some weeks ago I saw this...

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Fashion | October 17, 2014


  It’s really about time I told you about my visit to the German Leather Museum in Offenbach, respectively about the special exhibition ‘Roger Vivier – Schuhwerke‘. Not only was it my first time ever to Offenbach, I haven’t been...

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Fashion | October 15, 2014


  Hump day! What, it’s Wednesday already? And besides, you know it’s not that long until Christmas? Did I really just say that? I personally find it really unnecessary that we can buy Christmas sweets since August! And the debate...

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Interior | October 14, 2014


  Sigh, the cuddle season – it’s beginning now and I love it! Scented candles, lying on the sofa with a blanket, possibly with a hot water bottle as well and so on. Bliss! For me atumn and winter are...

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Fashion | October 13, 2014


  Well, how have you started the week? I must say that I’m actually looking forward to the new week after a restorative weekend during which we did a lot: We were out and about for photos, made a little...

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Lifestyle | October 10, 2014


  Does the following ring a bell? You are thinking about something and because of it there’s gradually a tension building up in your whole body? Sadly I’m too familiar with this. 20 years ago we had a car accident...

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